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4 Best Primary Schools In Yenagoa

4 Best Primary Schools In Yenagoa

Primary education is very important for children. There are three main reasons for this. The first is to enable the child live a full and active life as a child and by so doing realize his/her potentials as a unique individual. The second is to develop strong social qualities and create a niche for him/her in the society. The third and final reason is academic excellence.

Because of these reasons, it is quite important to get the best education for your child or ward. Yenagoa, the Bayelsa state capital has many standard primary schools. If you’re about to choose a primary school for your child in Yenagoa, consider looking towards these 5 best primary schools in Yenagoa.

1. Myrtle International School

Myrtle International School is located along myrtle crescent, off Isaac Boro Expressway in Yenagoa. The school has creche, nursery and primary school. It is enthusiastic in giving each child a well rounded education that cuts across every aspect of a child’s development, leaving them with a strong sense of value, productivity and purpose which are essential to the nurturing of future generation of leaders.

Myrtle International School boasts of a safe, friendly and fun learning environment. The school also offers summer programmes.

2. Cedar Court British International School

Cedar Court British International School is another great primary school in Yenagoa. Since its inception, the school has grown steadily and consistently to be one of the most reputable schools in the Niger Delta.

The school was founded in 2007. At its inception, it had 285 pupils. Since then, Cedar Court has maintained standard. Its passion and mission is to bring international education to the grassroots. It does this by the continuous use of International Primary School Curriculum as well as taking strategic steps in nurturing children through international exchange programs. These international exchange programs are done in partnership with schools such as International School of Paris, International School of Brussels, International School of Amsterdam and American school of London.

Cedar Court British International school also has a wide range of clubs for its pupils. It as well sends its teachers on development courses abroad every year.

The school provides complete learning by the use of multiple intelligence since the school strongly believes that each child has different and diverse learning abilities. The school is located at Imgbi road, Amarata.

3. De Unique International Academy

De-Unique International Academy is a day and boarding school geared towards preparing learners by creating a platform for standard e-learning environment. It is located behind Zerock Construction, Igbogene in Yenagoa.

The school boasts of good science laboratories, musical studios, studio for technical learning, standard library with e-facilities.

For a complete nursery and primary education of your child, De Unique International Academy offer a blend of the finest educational tools using British and Nigerian curriculum with emphasis on early childhood education.

4. Bedrock International school

Bedrock International School was established to provide quality child-care and education. The school offers a complete package, from day-care to senior secondary education. Bedrock boasts of qualified/dedicated teaching staff and has attractive facilities.

The school is located along Sani Abacha Expressway, opposite Yenagoa Gardens.


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