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5 Best Places To Live In Ilorin

5 Best Places To Live In Ilorin

Now the capital of Kwara state, the city of Ilorin was founded in 1450 and is predominantly inhabited by Yorubas and Hausa/Fulanis and a sprinkling of people of other Nigerian ethnic groups. Ilorin has a population of 777,667, making it the 6th largest city by population in Nigeria as at the 2006 census. It covers an estimated area of 765km2..

Although inhabited by mostly Muslims and with a strong Islamic influence, the capital city of the “State of Harmony” has lived up to its alias and enjoys relative harmony as Christianity is now widely accepted and practiced. Even the adherents of other religions are now cohabiting peacefully with the Muslim majority in the city.

With a favourable weather condition at 330C average and low cost of living, coupled with an enabling atmosphere and serene environment, Ilorin is a city no one will regret settling down in Nigeria, be it for business, academics or any other lawful purpose. Thanks to the stable academic calendar of the University of Ilorin, the vast employment opportunities provided by firms like Olam international cashew processing plant, KAMWIL, Tuyil Pharmaceuticals, Ilorin is fast becoming a mega city and a favourite city of residence for many people.

At the instance of a visitation or plan to permanently reside in Ilorin, these are the 5 best places to live.

1. Tanke

Tanke is a residential area along the University of Ilorin Road, Ilorin, Situated in Ilorin South local government area,Tanke is popular for being a settlement for students of the University of Ilorin and for the relatively low cost of living and housing. A self-contained flat goes for as low as 80 thousand naira per annum here.

Tanke is the home to such places and centres such as the University of Ilorin, the popular T&K and Iyayusuf restaurants, Candidate and Bekadims hotel where lodging for a night costs less than 30 thousand naira and the headquarters to Rhema international churches. Tanke is close to the kwara state mall and shares the added value of a good road network, availability of schools, average power supply, high commercial value and business prospects and adequate security. Tanke is indeed one of the best places to livr in Ilorin.

Chilling Spots in the area include Succoth Gardens, Suya Spots at Okeodo and Pepsi village.

2. Adewole Estate

Adewole Estate is another residential area in Ilorin that makes my list of the 5 best places to live in the city. Situated in Ilorin West local government area, the estate is adequately furnished with all basic amenities. Though it is a bit expensive as annual rent for the smallest apartment in the estate can gulp as much as two hundred thousand naira, the serene environment, efficient water and electricity supply make up for the costly rent. With proximity to the Ilorin international Airport, Kwara State college of education and Alkimah university plus the existence of the Adewole market for buying and selling, Adewole estate is another place great place to live in Ilorin.

3. Gaaakanbi

The Gaaakanbi axis connects to Offa Garage, Pipeline and Agbabiaka, making it one of the most suitable places in Ilorin to reside. Housing is very affordable as rents go for as low as ninety thousand naira for self-contain and a hundred and twenty thousand naira for a 2 bedroom flat.

Housing several restaurants, hotels and several other emerging businesses like sachet water factories, block industries and car wash industries, a lot of job opportunities abound in Gaaakanbi.

Secondary and primary schools are relatively cheap in Gaaakanbi, making it a perfect choice for parents on a budget who want to give their children the best education.

4. GRA

The GRA in Ilorin is one of the best places to live in Ilorin. Located in the center of Ilorin, GRA houses the famous Kwara hotel, the government house, the famous Waterview relaxation center, Kwara state museum ,the Kwara state police headquarters and the Kwara state library.

GRA is also close to the commercial hub of Ilorin which is the post office/Challenge Axis.

Adequate power and water supply is guaranteed in this area and the nightlife is most exciting. Club houses, Soundbar, Orient and  Deluxe arena are chilling arenas for fun lovers and, African pot and Friends offers delicious dishes for interested persons, not forgetting the Ilorin golf club and the Kwara state stadium which is open to sports loving residents of the city.

5. Ganmo

Ganmo is another excellent place to live in Ilorin. It enjoys good road network, adequate electricity supply and very cheap prices of basic goods due to the fact that it houses one of the biggest markets in the city which is the Ganmo market.

Basic amenities like hospital, banks and schools can be found in Ganmo. It is also a pathway for travellers. Hosting centers like the NTA and Albarka radio station, entertainment is guaranteed in Ganmo. Hotels like Whitefield hotel and Milestone hostel have cheap hospitality packages for travellers.


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