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5 Best Primary Schools In Lokoja

5 Best Primary Schools In Lokoja

Lokoja has served as the pioneer of primary education in northern Nigeria. The first primary school in Northern Nigeria was established in Lokoja in the year 1865 by the renowned Bishop Ajayi Crowther during his missionary work. Ever since, primary education has witnessed some development and serious setback due to neglect.

Primary education is very important in giving children the required start for life. The school forms their perception of life. They learn the art of reading and writing which they will later apply as the go further in their educational pursuit. However, this has been neglected by our fathers even though they witnessed and enjoyed a sound primary education in their day.

Since the introduction of primary education in Lokoja, not much improvement has been experienced. The failure of the government to build on the foundation provided by the missionaries led to the falling glory of the primary school system. The establishment of private schools is an attempt to awaken the once vibrant and productive educational system.

Private individuals and organisations took up the challenge to provide qualitative education. This led to the establishment of primary schools in Lokoja equipped with cutting-edge learning facilities and well-trained teachers. Amongst the numerous primary schools that came with this awakening goal, below are few that have demonstrated excellence in their services.

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