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5 Best Primary Schools In Lokoja

5 Best Primary Schools In Lokoja

Lokoja has served as the pioneer of primary education in northern Nigeria. The first primary school in Northern Nigeria was established in Lokoja in the year 1865 by the renowned Bishop Ajayi Crowther during his missionary work. Ever since, primary education has witnessed some development and serious setback due to neglect.

Primary education is very important in giving children the required start for life. The school forms their perception of life. They learn the art of reading and writing which they will later apply as the go further in their educational pursuit. However, this has been neglected by our fathers even though they witnessed and enjoyed a sound primary education in their day.

Since the introduction of primary education in Lokoja, not much improvement has been experienced. The failure of the government to build on the foundation provided by the missionaries led to the falling glory of the primary school system. The establishment of private schools is an attempt to awaken the once vibrant and productive educational system.

Private individuals and organisations took up the challenge to provide qualitative education. This led to the establishment of primary schools in Lokoja equipped with cutting-edge learning facilities and well-trained teachers. Amongst the numerous primary schools that came with this awakening goal, below are few that have demonstrated excellence in their services.

1. Rock ‘N’ Garden Nursery and Primary School

Rock N garden Nursery and primary school is located at No. 4 Ule close Lokoja G.R.A opposite the government house. The school operates the Montessori system of teaching where children are observed from toddler and given attention according to their ability. Montessori system was developed in Italy by the first woman physician Dr. Maria Montessori.

Each child is unique and trained to develop and exhibit his/her uniqueness. The system helps the child as an individual to build capacity, and encourages curiosity, creativity, making the children explore, investigate and acquire knowledge by themselves.

At RNG, self-accelerated education is the focus. Such, the students are given the opportunity to reach full potential in all facets of their life.

RNG has provided a suitable learning environment, spacious classroom and learning aid accessible by each child, audio-visual facility and well-trained teacher to facilitate and implement the Montessori system of learning.

2. Papa’s Grace International School

Another stop for quality primary education in Lokoja is Papa’s Grace International School. Located at no. 33 along Federal University Lokoja, the school is built to raise pupils of high intellects, educational excellence, and moral values. This vision prompted the founder to engage the services of qualified professionals as teaching and non-teaching staff, to expose the children to unbeatable training that can compete favourable all over the country.

The school environment is suitable for learning, fitted with modern learning and recreational facilities. Learning is fun at PGIS.

Aside from former classroom teaching, students are exposed to social activities for all-round development. PGIS pupils appear in sky blue top, red tie, and royal blue check for shorts and skirts as normal uniform. They are also provided with sportswear and alternative wear for outings and other occasions.

3. Harmony Nursery and Primary School

Harmony Nursery and primary school is a great place to be. A citadel of learning located at Murtala Mohammed way, opposite phase II Lokogoma housing estate Lokoja, the school in her long existence has evolved to become a dynamic educational institution for the young minds.

Their facility is next to none in Lokoja. Sited on a large expanse of land, their pupils have access to spacious playground equipped with modern outdoor recreational facilities.

Their classrooms are designed to give the pupils learning experience sandwich with comfort and fun. Their pupils listen, see and touch making learning one unforgettable experience.

The children also have access to large collections of books from the library to form their reading habit and expand their knowledge of the world around them. The pupils also participate in extra-curricular activities, like career day, cultural day, quiz competition, and debates.

You can always count on the teachers to give the pupils the required supervision and care for effective learning.

4. Anchor Nursery and Primary School

Anchor Nursery and Primary School is located at number 8 government house road opposite Poly Hospital Lokoja G.R.A. Established in 2015 by Mrs. Omale Mathias Helen, ANPS is a school with a difference. Located in a homely environment, with necessary facilities to foster first-class education standard, the school is determined to raise future leaders with correct perspective on our culture and values.

They have well-furnished classrooms, library, playground, and sports facilities. At ANPS, learning does not end in the classrooms. Through the regular career day programme, pupils are trained to recognise and choose their careers early in life.

Other events that the pupils enjoy are: cultural day, speech and prize giving day, and games.

Coupled with the effort of their dedicated teachers and modern teaching aids, learning is made simple and interesting.

5. Salem Nursery and Primary School

Salem Nursery and Primary School is located at Marine quarters along Marine road Lokoja. SNPS is an outstanding institution of learning for kids. Salem means peace; learning can only take place in a peaceful environment. Amazingly, one cannot dispute quietness and calmness around its location.

With the motto “raising global leaders”, SNPS is committed to training their pupils to become useful to themselves and the society at large.

To achieve this, the school has standard classrooms with comfortable sitting arrangement, electronic board, educational toys, and many more.

Their curriculum is planned to give the children balanced experience in the local and international standard. Coupled with lots of extra-curricular events, there is no doubt of a balance indeed.

In addition, there are games and recreational facilities and properly secured space. To crown it, they recruit dedicated and qualified staff.

SNPS does not leave out parents and guardians in their services as they believe that educating children is a joint task.


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