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5 Best Private Secondary Schools In Umuahia

5 Best Private Secondary Schools In Umuahia

We are in an era where schools are found anywhere and everywhere, so weighing the quality of the education a school gives our children has become paramount if we are to secure for them a future full of hope. In order for our children to meet up with the current academic demand, we must hand them over to schools that are up to the task of bringing out the best in them. Such schools should have the basic facilities capable of imparting knowledge and moral ethics, with good and hygienic environment, sound and qualified teachers, and good security.

Other facilities such as well-equipped laboratories for science practical, and a useful ICT centre are necessary if a school is to produce students capable of looking the challenges of our 21st century world eyeball to eyeball.

With all these in mind, the following are the schools that have the best of what it takes to secure for our children a brighter future in Umuahia:

1. Mayfair Academy

Mayfair Academy is a co-educational school founded in 2007 by Mazi Enyinnaya Harbor, with a strong vision to raise a special breed of leaders that would impact our nation with godly values and problem-solving skills. They are fully accredited by relevant government agencies and examination bodies. Their performances in external examinations have been very impressive since inception. They have a team of God-fearing, duly qualified and licensed teachers to make learning a pleasurable experience for your children.

The school is packed with varieties of learning facilities that help the teachers to drives home their point (s). These facilities include equipped Science Laboratories, ICT centre, spacious and serene environment conducive for learning, sports arena, modernised classrooms. The school’s motto is: Knowledge and integrity.

2. Margaret School

Margaret school was established on 16th September 2006 by Mrs Margaret Nwaogbo. It is a mixed school, located at plots 86/88 Aguiyi Ironsi layout, Umuahia North where it pursues its mission of producing great children who are mentally, physically and spiritually fit to face life without yielding, bending or breaking.

Margaret School students wear milk-coloured shirt with the school name on it and canton brown trouser. This official uniforms are worn on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays with socks and brown sandals, whereas the sports wears are worn on Wednesdays and Friday being the school’s sports days.

The following facilities are available at Margaret School; standard classroom, furnished library, regular power supply, water network, medical facilities, school bus, customised writing materials (table, chairs and books) and to crown it all, they have qualified teachers etc. Their motto is: Excellency through learning.

3. Santa Cruz Secondary School

Santa Cruz secondary school is a Catholic boys school, located in Olokoro area of Umuahia south. It was established in 1962 by Catholic mission, though was later taken over by the state government until a few years ago when it was returned to the Catholic Church.

The school is on a mission to teach students to discover the best in them and thus prepare them to be of utmost usefulness to the nation and the world at large.

One of the most famous alumni of Santa Cruz Secondary School is former governor of Abia state, Mr. Theordore Orji. Current school principal is Rev. Fr. C. Ukandu.

The school’s premises is very spacious, and is always kept neat and serene. The big landmass gives the school privileges for sports activities every Friday and extra-curricular activities.

The school also enjoys regular power supply, well-equipped laboratories, functioning computer labs, stocked library, modernised classrooms, water network both in the school and hostels, qualified staffs, agro-allied farm.

Santa Cruz Secondary School also has some of the best boarding facilities of all secondary schools in Umuahia.

4. Amazing Grace School

Amazing Grace School is a co-educational school established on 13th September 2012 by Pastor (Dr) Mba Nnanna Ochiabuto. It is located at Amaeke road, Umuchi Nkata, Umuahia. The school is on the mission to raise children who are academically and morally sound, thereby enabling them contribute the best to national and world development.

The school have various entrepreneurship programmes students can enroll themselves in depending on the interest and ability, though, teachers are also on-ground for consultation and guidance. They also have room for sporting and other extra-curricular activities that enhance learning and self-discovery.

Other facilities available at Amazing Grace School are equipped sscience laboratories, well-stocked library, medical facilities, water network. Their motto: Virtue and Wisdom.

5. Jomeg College

Jomeg College is the brainchild of Pastor J.U. It is located at Jomeg Close, Umuagu Ibeku, Umuahia North, and it’s on the mission to providing maximum educational opportunities for all students to be able to secure a brighter future for them, through enriched academic standard meeting up with the current academic demand and curriculum. The school is committed to the moral, spiritual and academic building of the children under their care, thus their motto: knowledge for Integrity.

Jomeg College has a functioning science laboratory, a garment making workshop, an electrical workshop, poultry for animal husbandry, and an ICT centre all of which put them in front of an average secondary school and make them one of the best secondary schools in Umuahia.


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