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5 Best States To Live In Nigeria

5 Best States To Live In Nigeria

Almost all the states in Nigeria are plagued by one problem or the other. If they do not have Boko Haram suicide bombers blowing themselves up in the middle of their crowded markets, they have Fulani bandits jumping out from the bushes in the thick of the night to rape, kill and burn.

If they do not have irate jungle judges burning people alive in the middle of their streets in broad day light, they have cultists, Vikings and Badoo murdering their rivals in the most gruesome of manners every now and then.

If they do not have different tribes fighting themselves like it is the dark ages once again, they have ritualists trading body parts like they are some cheap articles of trade.

If the state governor is not withholding civil servants salary for six months on the row thereby setting off a chain of mass suicide, then the President is releasing some egotistic ‘pythons’ or ‘crocodiles’ to go and dance and smile respectively with the people thereby setting off a chain of mass murder.

So, where exactly do you turn to in this country? In which states do you get to enjoy the nation’s poor electricity supply without worrying of being molested when power goes off? Which states in Nigeria offer you the opportunity to earn little and then let you enjoy the little you earn in peace?

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