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5 Best States To Live In Nigeria

5 Best States To Live In Nigeria

Almost all the states in Nigeria are plagued by one problem or the other. If they do not have Boko Haram suicide bombers blowing themselves up in the middle of their crowded markets, they have Fulani bandits jumping out from the bushes in the thick of the night to rape, kill and burn.

If they do not have irate jungle judges burning people alive in the middle of their streets in broad day light, they have cultists, Vikings and Badoo murdering their rivals in the most gruesome of manners every now and then.

If they do not have different tribes fighting themselves like it is the dark ages once again, they have ritualists trading body parts like they are some cheap articles of trade.

If the state governor is not withholding civil servants salary for six months on the row thereby setting off a chain of mass suicide, then the President is releasing some egotistic ‘pythons’ or ‘crocodiles’ to go and dance and smile respectively with the people thereby setting off a chain of mass murder.

So, where exactly do you turn to in this country? In which states do you get to enjoy the nation’s poor electricity supply without worrying of being molested when power goes off? Which states in Nigeria offer you the opportunity to earn little and then let you enjoy the little you earn in peace?

Below are the 5 best states to live in Nigeria:

1. Enugu State

Enugu state is not a newcomer in this kind of list. It has repeatedly been ranked as one of the most peaceful, as one of the most beautiful, as one of the most loveable, and is thus not out of place that it is now being mentioned as one of the best states to live in Nigeria.

Early 2016, a Fulani herdsman orchestrated massacre in Nimbo community in Uzo Uwani local government area of the state led many of us into believing that the era of sleeping with both eyes closed in the coal city state might have come have come to an end, but it was not long before the state regained its safe old self and has continued to serve as a befitting home for both locals, expats and Nigerians from other states since then.

Enugu city, the capital city of the state has one of the best road networks among cities in the country, has beautiful housing developments for both low-income earners and the super rich, good schools that has continued to produce students who top WAEC best performance chart year in year out, and a lot of fun places anyone can go to unwind after a stressful work day.

Nsukka, its other city on its northern border has the most clement of weather in the entire country. A lengthy and very wet rainy season makes sure that its thick, evergreen vegetation continues to serve as a dependable source food and cash for the locals all year round, while giving the city its touristy feel.

The largest employer of labour in Enugu state, the Enugu state government has been paying its workforce even for a non-existent thirteenth month at a time that some states and private organizations have failed to pay their workforce for an upward of six months.

Enugu has remained one of the few states where you don’t get to be burned alive for stealing a cup of garri, but this does not mean you should go there and steal a cup of garri.

2. The FCT

Nigeria’s federal capital territory is technically not a state, but as a large geographical area not dependent on another state, it qualifies as a state in the context of this essay.

Despite a surge in population that is rivalled by only a few states, the FCT has managed to maintain its calm, its decency, and of course its saneness, an achievement that is rivalled by no other state.

The territory is economically sound, physically appealing, and despite its core being extortionately expensive, has affordable places where an average Joe can live and thrive.

Some years ago, the calm of the territory was threatened by the suicide bombing raids of Boko Haram terrorists , but that’s now history. Peace, prosperity and overall calm have long returned, and the territory has remained at worst, a place where the nation’s oil revenue is conspicuously embezzled by the super rich while the poor are allowed to peacefully pick the crumbs.

3. Akwa Ibom State

Akwa Ibom state has within the last few years mastered the science of deploying its huge federal allocation to execute projects that are of tremendous benefit to people who live there, and this has made it one of the best states to live in Nigeria.

Whether it is building of world-class roads, world-class hospitals, world-class hospitality infrastructures, world-class sports facilities, Akwa Ibom state has been doing all these with unmatched zeal, and the resultant effect is that there is always something for the locals to do.

Akwa Ibom is basically working, and so you will always have a job as long as you have something to offer.

Cost of living in Akwa Ibom state is very cheap, so an average salary earner can easily afford a decent life. The rate of armed robbery is low. And you don’t have to worry about kidnapping for ransom, unless you are a white expatriate.

Uyo, the state capital has a lot of interesting places to go for fun. Beautiful coastal towns like Eket has sandy beaches where you can laze around when you have the time. The states’s growing number of high-star hotels have golf courses, so you can also play golf in Akwa Ibom.

Akwa Ibom is another state where you don’t get to be stoned to death for stealing a cup of garri, the same can however not be said of when you are accused of being a witch.

4. Sokoto State

Sokoto State, otherwise known as the Seat of the Caliphate has perfected the art of retaining its powers as the seat of Islamic learning in Nigeria while being totally detached from the mayhem occasioned by the extremist views of those who claim to be the most learned when it comes to Islam in Nigeria.

The state is serene, stable, and hot — I mean, literally hot.

Sokoto state government, the state’s largest employer of labour has not recently defaulted in paying salaries. The state is threatened by desert encroachment, but it is nothing that currently is much of a problem for those who live there.

Sokoto has little or no history of political, religious or tribal violence unlike its northwest neighbourhoods. Its biggest selling point is its ability to keep the Boko Haram madness ravaging some states in the North east and North west far away from its borders.

5. Kebbi State

Kebbi State is the best state to live in Nigeria as a nomadic herdsman, and also one of the best states to live and work as a crop farmer. It might be one of the hottest — if not the hottest, state in the country, but it never gets worse than that.

Kebbi boasts of large expanse of arable lands used for subsistence and mechanized farming. Cost of living is very low even in Birnin Kebbi, the state capital. The state is hardly in the news for the wrong reason. It has successfully kept the barbarism of Boko Haram and herdsmen terrorists away from its borders.

The state’s economy has seen appreciable growth in recent times due to the recent shift in successive government’s focus from crude oil to agriculture. Kebbi has been, and now strongly remains a choice destination for agricultural entrepreneurs.

That Kebbi has the largest number of herdsmen grazing their cattle on its plain than any state in the country while at the same time having the highest number of farmers planting rice and yam and corn on its fields than most states in the country without this leading to grave misunderstanding is its biggest attraction.


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