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6 Most Peaceful States In Nigeria

6 Most Peaceful States In Nigeria

Although Nigeria generally isn’t the most peaceful place in the world, there are some states in Nigeria that out of the effort of local authorities or even providence enjoy relative peace within their borders. These states are not without any problem. They still witness the terrorism, the jungle justice, and all the other heart-wrenching social vices that have become normal of many Nigerian states, but have managed to curtail them to a reasonable extent.

In case you are looking for where to live in Nigeria and are very interested in choosing a state where you are less likely to be caught in an ethnic, political, or religious crisis, then you should consider these six states.

These most peaceful states in Nigeria are:

1. Enugu

The south-east state of Enugu has prospered with infinitesimal record of political, religious or communal crisis, and this has been the case for years now. It also has recorded fewer cases of gang wars compared to other states in the region, and despite being a melting pot of almost every ethnic group in Nigeria, disagreements rarely metamorphose into full-blown conflict that propels the warring sides into burning each other’s properties while baying for each other’s blood.

Late last year, the Nigerian police high command rated Enugu state as the safest state in Nigeria. Commenting on the development, the state governor, Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi stated that the state was able to achieve the feat because “we recognized that security is the prime condition for stability, growth and development in any society and that without it, engagement in meaningful social, political and economic activity would be virtually impossible”.

Official recognition aside, anybody walking on the street of Enugu who has at other times experienced other states in the country can speak to the fact that it is one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria. Its roads and streets are free of irate jungle judges who are always quick to set anyone accused of something as petty as pilfering on fire, and there are no brainwashed teens with suicide belts on their chests ghosting their way to an innocent crowd whom they can’t wait to blissfully blast into Hell.

Local authorities which include the state and the local government area administrations, and security agencies have a big hand in this, but much praise belongs to the state’s refined populace whose crisis resolution mechanism does not involve setting the state aflame.

It seems Enugu will remain one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria for years to come, but that’s only if murderous Fulani herdsmen do not come marching down with their cattle, trampling on every peace and tranquility on their way with eyes on nothing but colonies for their four-legged friends.

2. Ebonyi

The fact that Ebonyi state has slowly but steadily inched its way into the league of the most peaceful states in Nigeria is unarguable.

From a place where machetes and guns are favoured for resolving conflicts between neighbours or communities that Ebonyi state was just about a decade ago, the state has rapidly advanced to become a first class state where series of meetings or rounds of diplomacy get most disagreements settled.

I’m not saying that Ebonyi communities no longer fight each other. They still do, but in most cases, these fights are resolved before they get out of hand.

And in as much as cases of conflicts between communities are still recorded in Ebonyi state, the state records one of the lowest cases of kidnapping, suicide bombing, rape, cult killings, armed robbery and of course jungle justice in the country, and these vices contribute the highest to cases of violence and death in the country.

Ebonyi state also has recorded one of the lowest cases of ritual killings of all states in the country. This means that you’re less likely to loose your head or your ‘privates’ to heartless maniacs who would unabashedly market it for just a few thousand naira.

The Ebonyi state government and people are also some of the most accommodating of all the state government or people in the country. This means that people from other states can settle peacefully in Ebonyi without being confronted daily by hostile locals who would in their faces remind them to “go back to their villages” anytime they are perceived to be feeling at home in the state.

3. Sokoto

Sokoto state in north-western Nigeria has over the years become somewhat of a veteran on lists of the most peaceful states in Nigeria. It is situated in the midst of some of the country’s most volatile states, but has somehow remained unsoiled by the red blood of violence.

Sokoto state is free of terrorism, kidnapping for ransom and ritual killing. Armed robbery is rampant, but this is mostly recorded far afield, very far from human habitation, with cattle rather than human being the primary target.

Religious intolerance is also a very big issue in Sokoto state, but this has somehow not become a threat to social stability.

Sokoto state is the centre of Islamic learning in Nigeria, and the fact that it has refused to be infiltrated by murderous, Jihad-inspiring Islamic scholars who lay bold claim at divine Islamic enlightenment is the state’s greatest asset contributing the most to its general peace and tranquility.

4. Kebbi

Kebbi is not only one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria, it’s also one of the calmest. Political, religious, or ethnic noise from the state rarely make national news headlines, and that’s become there is little to no political, religious or ethnic noise coming from the state.

Kebbi has little or no record of political, religious or ethnic conflicts; and there has been little or no cases of marauding ritualists, terrorists or killer herdsmen hacking people to death in their beds or farms.

Imo State governor, Rochas Okorocha recently described Kebbi as having a “track record of being a peaceful state since its creation”. His statement is testament to the fact that Kebbi state has remained one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria in recent history, and save for unforeseen drastic changes to its social system, it is bound to remain so for years to come.

Sun, and I mean very fiendish sun rays are the only threat to peace in this north-western state, luckily this is a problem something as cheap as an umbrella can solve.

5. Akwa Ibom

Beautiful, or rather beach-full , Akwa Ibom state has been ranking high in almost every good list about Nigerian states in recent time, and that now includes my list of the most peaceful states in Nigeria. The state isn’t free from armed robbery, cult-killings, or kidnapping for ransom, but records of these crimes have drastically reduced in the state in recent years, and the state has notably taken the position of its sister state of Cross River  — where petty thieves are now burnt in the street almost every day, as one of the most tolerant states in Nigeria.

Akwa Ibom has relatively little record of any form of communal conflict.  The state has a very large population of Christians, but news of a cartoon mocking Jesus Christ by a cartoonist in for example Tanzania is less likely to incite the youth of the state into killing and burning.

Akwa Ibom state also has no gory political history. This does not mean that politicians in the state don’t fight. They do fight like greedy beasts, but recent record suggests such fights do not lead to lethal or genocidal clashes.

Akwa Ibom state has also been so welcoming of all the different tribes and religions in the country, and this means that people from other states live peacefully among the locals without worrying about being attacked. This clearly means enormous peace and harmony.

6. The FCT

The territory of Nigeria’s capital city wouldn’t be safe if it wasn’t secured, but the fact now is that the territory is heavily fortified and almost all threats to her peace have been kept outside her borders.

These threats to peace in Abuja and the FCT in general include Boko Haram suicide bombers, armed robbers and kidnappers, and ritualists otherwise known as head hunters. All of these band of criminals have failed to threaten the peace of the federal capital territory in any serious way since the peak of Boko Haram insurgency in 2014, and it now remains fraudsters, pilferers and burglars — who arguably aren’t a serious threat to public peace, conducting their crimes in the territory.

Satellite towns like Gwagwalada, Kuje and even Kubwa still face serious challenges to public peace; from murderous religious zealots going haywire to bottle smashing gangsters going on a raping spree in the hood, but all-in-all, the federal capital territory enjoys relative peace and is of course one of the most peaceful places in Nigeria. If you doubt this, place the FCT alongside its neighbouring states like Niger, Nasarawa and Kogi where political thugs and religious zealots keep rioting, and killer herdsmen keep burning and killing, while every other bad thing happening in the FCT are still happening, and come back to me with your observation using the comment box below.


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