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Tukool is the real estate portal for the information age. We deliver expert service through the aid of technology to property owners who want to sell or rent out their property faster and cost-effectively.

We provide landlords with the service they need in order to sell their properties faster and easier, and then provide buyers and renters the platform to find rental and sale properties listed by their owners so they won’t have to cough out hefty amount to pay someone to do that for them, thereby making real estate transaction a business strictly between those who have it and those who want it.

Our ever busy blog features area reviews, tips and research works from industry writers and experts from all over the country, making it a go-to source for those seeking knowledge just before making that vital decision to sell, buy or rent or not, and how much to sell, buy or rent, and when to sell, buy or rent, and where to buy or rent.

The advent of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)  has made information readily available,  thus reducing the role played by middlemen and brokers who often lay claim to certain exclusive skills needful for a successful business transaction in various fields.

In the real estate industry, we are judiciously making use of ICT towards making sure that those who sell or let out real estate are those who have it, and those who buy or rent them are those in need of them as this is the only way everyone can get a fair deal.