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5 Best Places To Live In Calabar

5 Best Places To Live In Calabar

Calabar, the Cross River State capital has always ranked high when it comes to places that people love to go to in Nigeria. It is thus not surprising that it also ranks high in lists of places that people love to live in Nigeria.

The city has a very clement weather all year round. It enjoys the best of public amenities relative to most cities in the country, and has a crime rate that is though not enviable, is almost a fantasy for those who live in terror-ravaged Maiduguri, for example.

Below we take a look at the 5 best places to live in Calabar, what makes these areas tick, and how they compare to other areas in this beautiful capital city of Cross River State.

These 5 best places to live in Calabar are:

1. State Housing Estate

The Cross River State Housing Estate in Calabar, popularly referred to as the State Housing Estate was developed in the 70s when the city was still the capital of old Cross River State that comprised of present day Akwa Ibom and Cross River States. The Housing Estate is right in the heart of city, and is home to the mighty as well as the not-so-mighty.

State Housing Estate Calabar is safe. It has a police station that is accessible to almost every corner of the estate.

The state housing estate has tarred interconnecting roads. It also boasts of parks, bars and many other exciting places that residents can go for fun times. This means that there is never a dull moment for residents and visitors alike.

State Housing Estate has in abundance all the good things that the beautiful city of Calabar has on offer, and for that tops my list of the best places to live in Calabar.

2. Federal Housing Estate

The Federal Housing Estate in Calabar is a little younger than its cousin developed by the Cross River State Government, but it boasts of almost all the features of its older cousin, and even tries to outshine it in some areas.

The Federal Housing Estate in Calabar boasts of a well-planned layout. It has good roads, relatively regular electricity supply and other public amenities.

Like the State Housing Estate, the Federal Housing Estate has bars, restaurants, and other fun places people go to for rest and relaxation.

Rent does not come cheap in the Federal Housing Estate Calabar, but living here at least comes with peace of mind that those living in more affordable areas of the city can only dream of. For this reason, the Federal Housing Estate is one of the best places to live in Calabar.

3. Ekorinim

Ekorinim area of Calabar is found within the Calabar Municipal local government area. The fortune of this once sleepy town changed just around two decades ago when the area caught the attention of the Cross River State Government for the development of a modern, highbrow extension of the capital city.

The community quickly became overwhelmed by rapid urbanization.The once laid back community is now mostly a reserved area for the rich and famous in Calabar.

Ekorinim is now characterized by fenced mansions, VIP lounges, and enviable public amenities in the forms of tarred roads and regular power supply.

Those who live in Ekorinim feel safe all year round, owing to the presence of the Nigerian Army Amphibious Training School in the area, and for this, Ekorinim is one of the best places to live in Calabar.

4. Satellite Town

The Satellite Town Calabar is another recent development in the Cross River State Capital. The area was developed as a result of pressure on the original areas of the city, and there thus arose the need to expand the city.

The Satellite Town Calabar is today home to big hotels and bars, supermarkets and shops.

As a result of its closeness to the University of Calabar in Etta Agbo, the Satellite Town is home to giant hostels occupied by the students of the institutions.

The high population of students and young people in Satellite Town has made the area a very vibrant and exciting part of Calabar, and for this, the Satellite Town is also one of the areas anybody who hates boredom should consider living in Calabar.

5. Etta Agbo

Etta Agbo has one of the nation’s most venerable higher institutions of learning within its borders, so it’s not surprising that it found its way into a list of the best places to live in Calabar.

Presence of quite a good number of bars and lounges presents a lot of option to residents in need of fun time.

There are also shops selling all kinds of consumer goods in Etta Agbo, meaning residents don’t have to leave the area to meet their everyday shopping needs.

In case you are not moved by all of the above, you will be moved by the fact that rent in Etta Agbo is affordable when compared to most areas in this list.

So, start packing. Now is the best time to move to Etta Agbo.


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