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5 Quick Facts About Dunamis Church’s Famous Auditorium

5 Quick Facts About Dunamis Church’s Famous Auditorium

It was a moment of jubilation for the Christian community in Nigeria when the largest church Auditorium in the world was dedicated in Abuja. The church is a 100,000 seat capacity building which beats that of Winners Chapel in Ota with 50,000 seats.

This very large place of worship is owned by Dunamis International Gospel Center which is also known as Glory Dome. During a recent interview, Dr. Paul Enenche, the founder of the church gave a first account of how they were able to build the church successfully. From this we were able to get some facts about the church that you yet might not know.

1. The design

According to the founder of the church, the design of this magnificent building was done by engineers from the church. They did not have any reason to seek an outsider for the design of the building because the church has first-class building engineers and architects.

2. The cost

With the structure of the building, its capacity and design, you will know that it cost a lot of money. The roof of the building alone cost billions not to talk about the construction. Even the founder does not know the actual amount they used in building the place of worship but it is believed to run into billions of naira since most of the materials used were sourced from overseas.

3. The funding

Another thing of wonder about the construction of the new church auditorium is the source of funds. According to the founder, the source of funds had been a miracle. He said they didn’t at any point in time ask members of the church to donate money towards the building. It was done by voluntary donations and through the grace of God. Most importantly, they were not in any debt after the completion of the building.

4. Location of the Altar

One important area of the place of worship is the altar and it is meant to be in a central position where everyone should be able to see the minister at the same time.  The dome is about 43 meters high from the floor level which is the same height with a 13-storey building.

5. A project of empowerment

It took the tireless effort of nothing less than 5000 workers to put the masterpiece together. The building of the place of worship empowered many people. The workers were fed daily and some even bought their cars and build their own houses from what they are paid. During the four years of building, many people learned some skills which had become a means of livelihood to them.


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