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E-Money House Photos, Cost & Address

E-Money House Photos, Cost & Address

If you listen to Nigerian music presently or follow Nigerian celebrities then you must have probably heard of E-money who is neither a musician or celebrity per se. E-money is one of the most popular figures on the internet and is a top businessman who loves to live largely and show off his wealth to the world. He is also the inspiration of most young men and boys in Nigeria as his story from grace to grass seems to speak volume to them.

E-money in not just called e-money for the reason, the man is known to be very wealthy and owns one of the most expensive mansions in Lagos. His sources of wealth are still unconfirmed but most people have claimed that it takes more than what he does to make what he makes.

In this article, we are going to take you into the exquisite mansion of E-money and reveal photos of the interior and exterior of his mansion. We are also going to share information on the location of the mansion and the cost of acquiring the mansion.

Who is E-Money?


Emeka Okonkwo popularly known as E-money is a businessman and one of Nigeria’s top celebrities even though he is not too involved in the entertainment industry. However, he owns a record label, Five Star Music which his younger brother Kingsley Okonkwo popularly known as KCEE is signed to.

E-money is known for his display of wealth and one to throw money to the crowd which makes many including his fans wonder how he got his money in the first place. According to E-money, it was a big contract that took him from grass to grace and ever since, his business ventures have been flourishing. E-money claimed that the contract was worth $2m which was a really big sum of money at that time and that completely changed his life.

E-money has also attributed his success to his wife Juliet Okonkwo who stood by him when he had nothing. He claims she was the good luck that enabled him to get the contract that changed his life.

Today, it is normal to hear news of E-money bragging about how much he has or how many assets he has, in fact, he gifted Nigerian Comedian Funnybone a Mercedes Benz last year while gifting himself and his wife a Rolls Royce.

Today he is known as one of Nigeria youngest billionaires as he is just 38 years old.

E-Money’s House

E-Money’s house

E-money is definitely rich and he doesn’t fail to hide it. He was once warned by the police for his extravagant showcasing of wealth but he seemed to have turned a deaf ear. E-money has one of the most luxurious houses in the city of Lagos with furnishing fit for a king.

It certainly seems that E-money wants to be referred to as a king as the furniture of the house is coated in gold. The mansion has other facilities which include an outdoor swimming pool, an indoor gym, and a vast garage to house his fleet of cars.

The mansion is designed with a Mid Eastern theme and most of the furniture include the bed is coated in gold. We believe the house should have multiple bedrooms and living rooms although E-money only shared a photo of the master bedroom which looks quite large.

The master bedroom in E-Money’s house

It is believed that E-money has several other houses in other parts of the country but this seems to be his permanent residence.

On the worth of the mansion, you should expect it to be worth nothing less than hundreds of millions of naira due to the magnificent architectural design and facilities in the house. The house is reportedly worth N250 million.

A gym in E-Money’s house

E-Money’s House Address

E-money’s house is not in the Banana Island area or the Lekki; it is located in Omole Estate in Ikeja, Lagos State.

E-money currently lives in the mansion with his wife and three sons. He occasionally welcomes top Nigerian celebrities and his younger brother KCEE to his house although reports have it that KCEE might have lived with him in the past.


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