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Emmanuel Emenike House Photos, Cost & Address

Emmanuel Emenike House Photos, Cost & Address

Emmanuel Emenike’s house finally gave us an insight as to how the millionaire spends his money and we got all the information right here.

With a net worth of over $18 million dollars which he acquired during his 10-year football career, he is notably one of the richest Nigerian footballers. This makes it normal to expect that he should be living in one of the exquisite mansions in Nigeria.

It is a known fact that some Nigerian athletes and celebrities like to keep their personal life private while other live quite humble lives, however, a majority of them tend to show off their wealth and assets on social media. Thankfully, Emenike is one of the latter and you are going to find information on Emmanuel Emenike’s house, exclusive photos of the interior and exterior of the house, the location of the house and its worth.

Who is Emmanuel Emenike?

As said earlier, Emmanuel Emenike is a Nigerian professional footballer. He began his football career with a local Nigerian club, Delta Force. Emenike revealed that he wasn’t paid while playing for the club and had to move to South African National First Division team Mpumalanga Black Aces where he was paid for his services.

Emenike joined top Turkish club Fenerbahce in 2011, however, he was sold to top Russian club Spartak Moscow just two months after his stay at Fenerbahce for 10 million pounds. Emenike performed quite well at the club scoring 13 goals throughout his first season at the club.

He was later sold back to Fenerbache for a fee of 13 million euros where he made an electrifying performance for the club. Two years later, he was loaned to United Emirates Club Al-Ain. He lastly played as a striker for Greek club Olympiacos before sustaining a knee injury that stalled his career.

Emenike started playing for the Nigerian National Football Team in 2013. However, his stay in the team was cut short after he announced his retirement in 2015.

Throughout his 10-year career, Emenike was able to score 92 goals in 236 appearances.

Emmanuel Emenike’s House

Emmanuel Emenike is a top Nigerian footballer having achieved massive success in his football career. This is why it was not surprising when he shared a video on Instagram in 2016 showing 8 unit’s terraces which he has constructed in Owerri, Imo State.

While many fans were made to believe that it is the home of the footballer it was later revealed that it is just one of his investments as the building was meant to be rented out.

Three years later, Emenike surprised his fans by showing off the new mansion he also built in his hometown of Owerri, Imo State. The house has a futuristic design and an expensive look which makes us believe the footballer spent a substantial amount in constructing the mansion.

Taking a look at the features on the exterior, we could find a highway which joins the house on the second floor, it is possible a garage where the player packs his personal car.

The path leading to the house appears to be untarred which makes us think that the house is yet to be completed. This could also be an open garage for visitors. We couldn’t find an outdoor swimming pool anywhere at the exterior of the mansion but we believe it would be located at the back of the mansion. There is also a possibility that the footballer had chosen to opt for an indoor swimming pool instead which is something we have common among Nigerian celebrities like D’banj.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get a glimpse of the interior of the mansion. Nevertheless, the mansion still remains one of the most beautiful mansions owned by a Nigerian footballer.

The worth of the mansion is quite difficult to pin down as the footballer never revealed any official information on the cost of erecting the structure. However, we expect it to be well into the millions of Naira owing to the fact he is worth more than N600 million as of 2019.

Emmanuel Emenike officially opened his mansion on January 4th and invited a lot of his friends to celebrate. Several celebrities were present at the grand opening and we got more pictures of the mansion during the period.

Emenike still remains a top figure in Nigerian football and a role model to upcoming footballers.


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