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Fun Places In Owerri

Fun Places In Owerri

Owerri is the entertainment capital of Nigeria located in the heart of Igboland. This is why it is popularly known as the Eastern Heartland. It is quite famous for the being home to quite a large number of hotels, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and casinos.

The streets of Owerri is ever bubbly especially at night time. In fact, Owerri is where the African man’s definition of “all work and no play makes jack a dull boy” is put on display everyday.

Apart from its vibrant nightlife, there are very beautiful and remarkable places in Owerri where you can find all the fun that the city is now known for. Below are 5 fun places in Owerri.

1. Mbari Art & Cultural Centre

Owerri is an Igbo city that is proud of its culture and history. The best way to embrace this quality is to visit the Mbari art and cultural centre.

Mbari is an art form practiced by the Igbo people. It usually entails a sacred house built as large opened-sided square planned shelters. These shelters contain many large life-sized, painted figures. These figures are sculpted to please deities such as, the Ala (earth goddess) and the Alusi (the chief deity), Also other deities are appeased through this means such as those affiliated with water and thunder. Other sculptures found in an Mbari house are of major historic figures such as, craftsmen, foreigners (mainly Europeans), animals, legendary creatures and ancestors.

The Mbari art and cultural centre is situated at Ikenegbu in Central Owerri. It is housed by the Imo State council for Arts and Culture. Its centre is divided into three sections made up of the Mbari Museum Kitchen, Mbari House and an amphitheatre

2. Owerri Mall

The Owerri  Shopping Mall is the most popular hangout spot in Owerri. You can visit the cinema house to view a movie or grab fascinating mouthwatering fast foods, shop for anything and everything at affordable retail stores or just chill with friends. There’s always something fun to do at the mall

A favorite place to all, the mall features a fascinating and beautiful mix of everything from fashion to electronics down to fast foods and entertainments.It provides a wide range of choices when compared to other markets in the city. It is a place where one can get quality goods and services at a much cheaper rate.

The Owerri Shopping Mall also houses a Genesis Cinemas outlets and also a branch of the hypermarket, Shoprite (also known Spar).

3. Channel O

Channel O, located at M.C.C Road, Umez Eronini Street, in Ikenegbu layout, is one of oldest and well visited fast-food joint in Owerri. It is the best place to get affordable and unbelievably delicious and tasty shawarma. It in fact boasts of sharwama that is second to none in the city.

4. Mimi Place

Mimi’s Place is also one of the top choices for fun lovers in Owerri. It contains open-air joints and indoor bars and lounge for musical and dance performances. Entertainers of various designs (usually local) are showcased here where they perform and keep the audience bubbling and happy as they get their orders.

This is one classy sit-out spot, popularly known for its fascinatingly quick lunches, awesome dinners as well as events. Famous for their mouth-watering dishes, Mimi Place offers beautiful mouthwatering dishes, cooked with the finest seasoning to create beautiful Nigerian meals that remind you of home.One of the favourite dishes is the Plantain flour with Nsala soup.

5. iHop Amusement Park

The ihop amusement park is a beautiful recreational and relaxation hub for everyone in Owerri. In the park, there are lots of things to play with. Families can visit the park to relax and have fun. The children will have a swell time with the toy trains and other facilities. There are also ice creams outlets and food vendors where visitors can access tasty snacks and drinks. There is also an overhead bridge where people can relax, walk and enjoy the scenery.

The ihop amusement park is located opposite the Concorde hotel.


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