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How To Sell Your Land Online In Nigeria

How To Sell Your Land Online In Nigeria

The advent of the internet means that Nigerians can easily find buyers for virtually everything, including land.

A person in Osogbo can now make an informed choice of a plot of land to purchase in Port Harcourt, likewise an informed choice of the best area to purchase a plot of land in Port Harcourt.

Land owners who want to sell their land now have a large concentration of potential buyers in real estate marketplaces like Tukool, which as well provide them with tools to make the selling process smooth and hitch free.

Are you planning to sell your land? Below is your simple guide to selling your land online in Nigeria.

1. Get the land papers ready

The first thing to do when you want to sell your land online in Nigeria is dust all of the land’s paper documents and convert them to digital copies. Documents like the Certificate of Ownership proves to buyers online that the land you want to sell does actually exist and you have the right to it.

You’ll need to upload these documents online for potential buyers of your land to check and confirm. Apart from authenticating your advertisement, it will increase your chances of finding a buyer sooner rather than later.

2. Write a good description of your land

That this is important is no-brainer. You need a killer description to convince potential buyers hunting for property in your neighbourhood that yours is the perfect investment they need to make – especially if it truly is.

It needs not be long and wordy. A clear, two paragraph essay detailing the size of your property, the location, and the topography will do the trick.

You should let potential buyers understand if your land is best for commercial or residential project; whether there is any access road to it; whether there is power supply in its neighbourhood; and whether there are neighbours in its neighbourhood.

Letting potential buyers know why you’re selling the land despite the numerous benefits of owning it that you already listed will geometrically raise their trust in you and their interest in your property. Such  is an act of honesty, and most people do actually appreciate honesty.

3. Take good photos of your land

Now that you’ve written a convincing sales copy, the next thing you should do is take photos of your land. You might be thinking that because it’s a piece of undeveloped land, taking photos isn’t at all necessary. That’s however very wrong. People hunting for property online want to see what they are considering, and they have that in photos.

Agreed, it doesn’t have to be all glossy and descriptive like in the case of houses or apartments, but at least three good photos showing the vegetation and the topography of the land for the viewing pleasure of your buyers won’t hurt. This will in no small way reduce the number of potential buyers who will scroll past your listing without stopping to check it out.

4. Go online!

Armed with the documents, the photos and the essay about your land, the next thing to do is upload those data on a website where potential buyers can see it.

Real estate marketplaces like Tukool makes this easy and fast. Just visit the website, create an account as a seller with your contact address and then upload the details of your property.

It’s advisable you provide enough details about the property, its address, and enough details about yourself. These will go a long way in convincing potential buyers that you’re a not a fraudster and that your advert is not a fraud.

5. Wait for calls

With your property live on a real estate marketplace, the next thing to do is sit down and wait for calls from buyers. It could start coming immediately, in two days time, in a week time, or even in a month time depending on its cost, and the number of people looking to buy land in the area where it is located.

On Tukool for instance, you can spend little amount to make your property feature prominently on top of similar adverts on the website thereby increasing its visibility and its chances of being discovered by buyers.

6. Get the best deal

As buyers start expressing interest in your property, it’s time to look out for the best deal. The best deal could come in form of the best price offering, the person with the best payment plan, or just a caller you trust their voice most.

You can then arrange for a meeting, and take it from there. Be cautious, however, of the condition and place you meet persons you came in contact online as there are plenty of wolves rummaging the ins and the outs of the world wide web clad in an item from a lamb’s wardrobe.


Tukool has a comprehensive listing of real estate for sale and for rent in Nigeria. You can filter listings by your desired features and location, list your own property, and get the best deal.


Willie Ja

Willie Ja is the Director of Marketing at TuKool. He has years of experience in digital marketing, especially in the areas of content marketing, digital campaign management and lead generation. At TuKool, he works with a team of like-minds to develop ways of helping real estate businesses grow their client base and revenue.

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