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Odogbolu is a local government area in Ogun State, with headquarters in the town of Odogbolu. Odogbolu local government area is in Ogun Central Senatorial District alongside Sagamu, Ikenne, Remo North, Ijebu Ode, Ijebu East, Ijebu North, Ijebu North-East and Ogun Waterside local government areas. Odogbolu local government area also forms a federal constituency alongside Ijebu Ode and Ijebu North-East local government areas.

Odogbolu local government area covers an area of 541 km². The local government area is bounded to the north by Ijebu North local government area, to the east by Ijebu Ode local government area, to the south by Lagos State, and to the west by Shagamu and Ikenne local government areas.

The History Of Odogbolu

The Government Of Odogbolu

The Odogbolu local government council is in charge of public administration in Odogbolu. The council is led by a chairman who is the executive head of the local government.
The Odogbolu legislative council make laws governing Odogbolu local government area. It consists of 15 Councillors representing the 15 wards of the local government area.

Wards In Odogbolu

There are 15 wards in Odogbolu local government area of Ogun State. The 15 wards in Odogbolu local government area are:

  • Aiyepe
  • Ala/Igbile
  • Ibefun
  • Idowa
  • Ilado
  • Imodi
  • Imosan
  • Jobore/Ibido/Ikise
  • Odogbolu i
  • Odogbolu ii
  • Ogbo/Moraika/Ita Epo ii
  • Ogbo/Moraika/Ita Epo i
  • Okun Owa
  • Omu
  • Ososa

The Population Of Odogbolu

The widely disputed result of the 2006 national population census put the population of Odogbolu local government area at 125,657, with 63,838 males and 61,819 females.

The Culture Of Odogbolu

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