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Ibadan is the capital of Oyo State, south-western Nigeria. Although Ibadan is not an administrative unit recognized by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and thus has no clearly defined boundary, it is marked as an area of uniform, urban development that spans 11 local government areas in the centre and south of Oyo State. The 11 local government areas in Ibadan are Egbeda, Ibadan North, Ibadan North-East, Ibadan North-West, Ibadan South-East, Ibadan South-West, Akinyele, Ona Ara, Oluyole, Ido and Lagelu local government areas.

Ibadan is located at around 130.9 kilometers north-east of the commercial city of Lagos, and at around 597.8 kilometers south-west of Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja.

Ibadan has a tropical wet and dry climate, with a lengthy wet season and relatively constant temperatures throughout the course of the year.

Ibadan is predominantly inhabited by Yoruba-speaking people.

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