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Odion Ighalo House Photos, Cost & Address

Odion Ighalo House Photos, Cost & Address

Earning a whopping sum of 190,000 pounds per week, one would expect Odion Ighalo’s house to be nothing short of a paradise on earth.

Ighalo’s net worth is said to be around $30 million which is a far cry from the net worth of other high profile Nigerian footballers. However, he has been able to acquire one of the most expensive and beautiful mansions that leaves us all in awe.

In this article, we are going to share exclusive information on Odion Ighalo’s house, its location, worth and exclusive photos of the interior and exterior of the mansion.

Who is Odion Ighalo?

Odion Jude Ighalo is a Nigerian born professional footballer who has achieved feats making him a top footballer in Nigerian history. Ighalo began his professional football career in 2007 playing for Norwegian side Lyn. He later moved to Italian club Udinese where he signed a five-year contract.

His success story began in 2014 after he was signed by English club Watford. Ighalo’s performance for the club was one of the best in the history of the club as he was able to lead them to the fourth position in the table in 9 years. Due to his first successful season at the club, he was offered a new 5-year contract. However, Ighalo was unable to score a single goal in his last 15 matches with the club before he was sold off to Chinese club Changchun Yatai.

Although Ighalo performed greatly for the Chinese side, he was unable to save his team from relegation. This led to the player being sold off to another Chinese Super League club Shanghai Greenland Shenhua in 2019. Ighalo still remains at the club where he earns a lot of money on a weekly basis.

Odion Ighalo’s House

Earning over N70 million a week for playing for his club, we can all agree that Ighalo could afford anything that money can buy.

Well, that seems to be the case as the graced us with photos of his mansion in 2018. Now, we have seen photos of mansions of other Nigerian footballers including more experienced players like Mikel Obi and Obafemi Martins, however, we are yet to see any mansion as beautiful and exquisite as that of Ighalo.

The two-story mansion has a sign “Ighalo Residence” boldly engraved on its walls. Looking at the exterior, we can certainly give the architect thumbs up for the design of the house. The house features a futuristic outlook and is quite similar to the design of the mansion currently acquired by the richest Nigerian comedian, AY.

Still, on the exterior of the mansion, we could find facilities like an outdoor swimming pool which is big enough to fit the footballer and his family, a gym, a mini sized football pitch, and a vast garage.

Outside Ighalo’s residence

Moving inside you will be amazed by the interior decoration of the mansion, however, we did find some similarities between this house and the one owned by Peter Okoye of the now defunct PSquare group. The house is designed with the latest facilities and the best furnishing money can buy.

In one of the sitting rooms, you can find the normal facilities and furniture you would expect in the house of a millionaire. You can find several expensive couches, tables, chairs and an air conditioning system to ensure the smooth circulation of fresh air.

Inside Ighalo’s residence

We believe that this photo is not the main sitting room as it lacks a TV for entertainment. However, we were unable to get a glimpse of other sittings rooms which we believe would be equipped with the right electronics.

More photos provide a view of the kitchen which is also what you would expect from a rich footballer playing for one of the top clubs in China. Ighalo celebrated his success and the completion of his mansion and acquired a Range Rover Sport for his wife to complete the celebration.

More from the inside of Ighalo’s residence

Ighalo’s house is located in Lekki, Lagos State which means acquiring the land for the house didn’t come cheap.

Unfortunately, the footballer did not reveal the cost of erecting the mansion which leaves us with no choice than to estimate its worth. While mansions in Lekki go for millions of Naira, Ighalo’s house stands out. We believe it should cost more with values starting at about N100 million.

Ighalo is quite rich and earns such an amount within a month so it is not a problem for the footballer to spend it all on building his mansion.

Ighalo still shines for his club which means he still has places to go and more money to earn. We look forward to his contributions to Nigerian football and his philanthropic ventures in Nigeria.


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