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Timaya House Photos, Cost & Address

Timaya House Photos, Cost & Address

Timaya is known to be one of Nigeria’s most notable dancehall musicians and arguably the leading musician in that category. He started off by singing about his rise from grass to grace in the song “plantain boy” a song which shot him to the limelight and then moved to more dancehall songs like “Bum Bum” and “Sexy ladies”. He is certainly one of Nigeria’s prominent musicians and we place him in the ranks of D’Banj, Don Jazzy, Duncan Mighty etc.

Timaya is not only one of Nigeria’s most notable musicians but also one of the wealthiest musicians in the Nigerian music industry. The largest of his assets which is a mansion is being measured with that of billionaires and big politicians in the country as it is one of the most expensive housing unit ever acquired by a single musician.

In this article, we are going to reveal Timaya’s house, share photos of the exterior and the interior of the mansion. We are also going to share the location and the cost of the mansion.

Who is Timaya?


Enitimi Alfred Odom popularly known by his professional name Timaya is a singer, songwriter, and musician. Timaya is from a large family and the youngest of fifteen children. He initially grew up in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, although he is from Bayelsa State.

Timaya first started a hip-hip group, Dem Mama Soldiers but broke off and went solo in 2005. He gained prominence with the release of his single “Dem Mama” and gained further media attention after the release of his third studio album, with its lead single “Plantain Boy” topping various charts in both Nigeria and Africa.

Timaya owns his own record label, Dem Mama Records and continues to release several hit songs till date. His work has earned him four Headies Awards and one Nigeria Music Award and several multimillion-naira endorsements as his music are top hits in clubs, parties, and gatherings.

Timaya was appointed a Peace Ambassador in 2011 by the Inter-religious and International Federation for World Peace (IIFWP) for his work in promoting world peace.

Timaya’s House

Timaya’s house

From successful studio albums to multi-million Naira endorsements, Timaya has always been blessed ever since he began his music career. Today, he is one of the richest of Nigerian musicians which means he should own a really luxurious mansion.

Well, Timaya’s house is not just luxurious but massive. From an outdoor swimming pool to a vast garage and multiple bedrooms, the mansion has everything you should expect to see in a celebrity house. It is quite unbelievable that the artist lives here all alone when the house should be able to accommodate not less than 20 people.

The architectural design of the house is quite different from what you would see in most Nigerian houses as it seems to be an American inspired styling. It also looks more like an office complex from the front rather than a luxurious mansion for a celebrity.

When it comes to worth, you would have to take a really deep breath before reading this. Timaya’s house is estimated to worth about N500 million which is quite unbelievable for a single Nigerian musician. The only other musicians known to have ever made such large acquisition is the now split Psquare group whose mansion the Squareville was reportedly worth N1.5 billion, they were the richest musicians in the Nigerian music industry at their time but it seems Timaya has taken the mantle.

Looking at the house, you would definitely say it is money well spent on the finishing and the decoration as quality doesn’t come cheap. Going into the house you can find the interior decoration quite inviting and exquisite too, this house was definitely worth the money.

A very beautiful corner in Timaya’s house

The exterior seems to have a glass-like fence around it which proves that this house was built to stand out from the rest. Even the mansion owned by popular Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji which is worth just the same is not as tasteful as this.

Timaya’s house is located in Lekki Peninsula as you would expect. He joins the many Nigerian celebrities who own a house in the high brow neighborhoods of Lekki and he certainly deserves it.

That concludes our article on the famous plantain boy singer. If you want to visit Timaya’s House in Lekki, you can surely do so as the artist is known to be quite welcoming to fans.


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