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Toke Makinwa House Photos, Cost & Address

Toke Makinwa House Photos, Cost & Address

Due to the fact that she flaunts a lot of her belongings online, most people would certainly do anything for a sneak peek into Toke Makinwa’s house. Well, we got more than sneak peeks for you.

In this article, we are going to share information on Toke Makinwa’s house, its location and exclusive photos of the interior and exterior of the house. We are also going to talk about the worth of the house.

Who is Toke Makinwa?

Toke Makinwa is one of the popular names in the Nigerian entertainment industry. She is popularly known for her controversial book “On becoming”. Toke Makinwa was born in Lagos and she acquired a degree in English and Literature from the University of Lagos.

She began her career as a Radio personality in 2010. Onwards, she hosted several TV shows and launched her YouTube channel “toke Moments”.

Toke Makinwa although a popular Youtube vlogger at the time was relatively unknown and had just a handful of fans. However, she started creating controversies due to the advice she gave to ladies on their relationships. She finally got her chance of fame in 2016 when she released her book and placed emphasis on her failed marriage. She promoted the book through books tours in several countries in Africa, Europe, and America.

Toke Makinwa also owns a handbag line, Toke Makinwa Luxury which she launched in 2017. The following year, she launched a skincare product.

Toke Makinwa’s House

Toke Makinwa is definitely blessed with a number of endorsements from high-profile companies in Nigeria and Abroad. She is one of the most-recognized female faces in the Nigerian entertainment industry and still runs her vlogs which fattens her account on a monthly basis.

Toke Makinwa has been one to show off her wealth and assets on social media as she keeps reminding her fans that she has risen from grass to grace. However, we couldn’t get a full glimpse of her house until the socialite gave us exclusive photos.

The house looks exactly like what you should expect of a lady living on her own. While we were still pondering over the exquisite look of her house, news struck that she has moved into a grander mansion. Although she didn’t announce the news on her social media like she always did, we did notice she now had a new door for taking photos.

Toke was kind enough to grace us with photos of her new home which has one of the most compelling futuristic designs we have ever seen.

Looking at the sitting room, you can see a small chandelier hanging from the ceiling which adds taste to the room. A black table just between her sets of chairs and couches with a large TV on the wall completes her grand living room.

Moving on to other parts of the house, we got a glimpse of her dining room which had 6 chairs although we know that she lives alone. The chairs were quite different from normal dining chairs but that you should expect from a Nigerian celebrity as they tend to go for the best and the latest facilities.

Toke didn’t share any photos of her bedroom and kitchen, however, we expect nothing but one of the most beautiful bedrooms and kitchen you can find in the house of a Nigerian celebrity.

Toke Makinwa house is located in Lagos, however, it is quite difficult to pin the exact location of the house. While many believe it should be located in the Lekki area since it is filled with many Nigerian celebrities, others claim it is around the Ikoyi area.

Information on the worth of the house is also scanty. With no views of the exterior of the house, we can’t tell if she has a swimming pool or other facilities which tend to raise the worth of celebrity houses.

From the interior decoration, we are definitely sure it is worth millions of Nigeria. That shouldn’t be a problem for the entrepreneur who was able to acquire a N22 million Range Rover Sport in 2017.

Toke Makinwa amidst controversies continues to remain a notable figure in the entertainment industry and a role model for the younger female generation. She has severally being ranked as one of the most powerful women in the Nigerian entertainment industry.


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